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Notebook on Cities and Culture S2E1: Affinity for the Dead with Nate DiMeo

Colin Marshall sits down at the West Hollywood Library with Nate DiMeo, public radio producer and creator of the podcast The Memory Palace. They discuss American history’s unique wealth of inventors, fakes, geniuses and eccentrics, such as serial impostor Stanley Clifford Weyman and child prodigy turned streetcar transfer taxonomist William James Sidis; the odd satisfaction of stories that arrive at “close enough” rather than classic success; the issue of the right historical moment for a creation, whether that creation is a podcast, a radio show, or the music of Slash; podcasting’s theoretically ideal function as public radio’s “indie underground” feeder system, and its failure thus far to perform that function; his own realization that The Memory Palace probably wouldn’t take the public radio path, and the freedom that gave him; the enduring appeal, no matter podcasting advantages, of the “kismet” of radio, which can deliver unexpected information, entertainment, and delight; why a relatively high degree of public radio innovation has gone on in Los Angeles, and how a public radio producer can become the hit of any entertainment-industry party here; why the older public radio generation hasn’t yielded to the younger; and what it takes for him, as an avowed non-history buff, to draw certain feelings from moments in American history and then reconstitute those feelings in audio form.

Download the interview from Notebook on Cities and Culture’s feed or on iTunes.

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