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Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E31: Is This London? with Iain Sinclair

Colin Marshall sits down in Hackney, London with Iain Sinclair, author of numerous books, all rooted in London and all operating across the spectrum of fiction to nonfiction, including Downriver, Lights Out for the Territory, London Orbital, and most recently American Smoke: Journeys to the End of the Light. They discuss the momentarily impossible-to-define issue of Hackney’s identity; the need […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E30: Masters of the City with PD Smith

Colin Marshall sits down in Winchester, England with PD Smith, author of books on science, literature, superweapons, and, most recently, City: A Guidebook for the Urban Age. They discuss whether London has all the elements of the archetypally ideal city; the essential quality of “a place where you meet strangers”; the need to avoid writing […]

The Korea Tour Kickstarts now — 한국에 갑시다!

지금은 Kickstarter Drive가 시작됐어요! The Kickstarter drive for Notebook on Cities and Culture‘s Korea Tour, that is, a whole season of in-depth interviews with cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene all across South Korea, the most fascinating country in Asia today. We need only raise its $5,000 budget in a week, and it […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E29: This Used to Be the Future with Owen Hatherley

Colin Marshall sits down for bangers and mash in Woolwich, London, England, with writer on political aesthetics Owen Hatherley, author of the books Militant Modernism, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain, A New Kind of Bleak, and Uncommon, on the pop group Pulp. They discuss the relevance of the combined sentiments of […]

The Korea Tour’s Kickstarter Drive Begins Monday, April 7

  Notebook on Cities and Culture‘s Korea Tour, which will bring you at least 30-40 interviews from around the most fascinating country in Asia today, begins its Kickstarter fund drive this Monday, April 7. We need only raise its $5,000 budget — quite a bit less than season four’s! — within a week after that […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E28: Partially Inside, Partially Outside with Jack Hues

Colin Marshall sits down in Canterbury, England with Jack Hues, founding member of the rock band Wang Chung and jazz band The Quartet. Wang Chung’s latest album Tazer Up came out in 2012, and The Quartet’s next album Collaborations Volumes 1 & 2 comes out this fall. They discuss what makes the “Canterbury sound”; the differences between Wang Chung’s “English” […]

Announcing the Korea Tour on Notebook on Cities and Culture, Kickstarting in April

This summer, we have the chance to take Notebook on Cities and Culture to South Korea, for my money easily the most fascinating country going in Asia right now. You may already have encountered and enjoyed its rich cultural output in the form of its food, its music (yes, the roots go deeper than “Gangnam Style”; I […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E27: London Rambling with John Rogers

Colin Marshall walks through Stratford, London with John Rogers, author of the blog The Lost Byway and the book This Other London: Adventures in the Overlooked City. They discuss how one should approach one’s first London shopping mall, a built phenomenon that has changed dramatically over the decades; his memories of playing soccer with rotten fruit in Stratford’s […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E26: New Meant Better with Jonathan Meades

Colin Marshall sits down in Marseille, France, specifically in the Le Corbusier-designed Unité d’Habitation, with Jonathan Meades, writer and broadcaster on architecture, culture, food, and a variety of other subjects to do with place. In his latest film, Bunkers, Brutalism, and Bloodymindness, he looks at architectural styles once- and currently maligned. They discuss how much his […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E25: Legitimate Media with Neil Denny

Colin Marshall sits down for a pint at Nelson’s Retreat, a pub on London’s Old Street, with Neil Denny, host of Little Atoms, a show about ideas and culture on Resonance FM. They discuss whether beer improves or degrades the quality of ideas discussed; how the show’s concept has changed over time, differently involving notions […]