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The Notebook on Cities and Culture Guide to the Pacific Northwest

NCC Guide to the Pacific Northwest

This page indexes all of Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Pacific Northwest city-recorded and Pacific Northwest city-related interviews.


  • Peter Bagge, Seattle-based comic artist, creator of Hate (third interview)
  • Leslie Helm, former Tokyo correspondent for Business Week and the Los Angeles Times, editor of Seattle Business, and author of Yokohama Yankee: My Family’s Five Generations as Outsiders in Japan


  • Paul Delany, professor of English at Simon Fraser University and editor of Vancouver: Representing the Postmodern City
  • JJ Lee, menswear writer, broadcaster, and author of The Measure of a Man: The Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit
  • Gordon Price, Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University and former Councillor for the City of Vancouver
  • Dave Shumka, comedian and co-host of Stop Podcasting Yourself
  • Timothy Taylor, novelist, author of Stanley Park, Story HouseThe Blue Light Project, and the short story collection Silent Cruise


  • Camas Davis, food writer and founder of the Portland Meat Collective
  • Dan Halsted, head programmer at the Hollywood Theatre with Dan Halsted and founder of the 35mm Shaolin Archive
  • Jarrett Walker, public transit consultant and author of the book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking About Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives
  • Kevin Sampsell, publisher of Future Tense Books, editor of Portland Noir, author of the memoir A Common Pornography, and employee of Powell’s Books
  • Carl Abbott, Portland State University professor of urban studies and planning and author of Portland in Three Centuries: The Place and the People
  • Matt Haughey, founder of Metafilter
  • Mia Birk, president of Alta Planning + Design and author of Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Future
  • Mike Russell, comic artist and film critic

Marketplace of Ideas interviews:

  • Peter Bagge, Seattle-based comic artist, creator of Hate [first interview MP3] [second interview MP3]
  • Dave Weich, director of marketing and development at Portland’s Powell’s Books [MP3]
  • Ethan Rose, Portland-based electro-acoustic musician who composed for Gus van Sant’s Paranoid Mark and recorded an album with the 1920s Wurlitzer in the city’s famous Oaks skating rink [MP3]
  • John Raymond, Portland-based author of the Portland-set short story collection Livability, two of whose stories served as bases for Kelly Reichardt’s films Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy [MP3]
  • Nicholas Sherman, director of Soundtracker, a documentary on Washington-based field recordist Gordon Hempton [MP3]
  • Aaron Katz, Portland-raised filmmaker, director of the Portland-set high-school drama Dance Party USA and “Portland noir” Cold Weather [MP3]

Supplementary material: