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My ten favorite Open Culture posts of 2017: Chris Marker’s travel books, Randy Newman’s Los Angeles, J.M. Coetzee’s secret computer poetry, and more

For nearly six years now, I’ve written a post every weekday at Open Culture, usually to do with literature, film, music, art, television, radio, or language. The total comes to more than 1500 so far, and here are ten of my favorites from the more than 250 I wrote in 2017: David Sedaris Breaks Down His […]

Five years at Open Culture

As of today, I’ve been writing for Open Culture on a variety of ever-more-interesting subjects, from wherever in the world I can get wi-fi, every single weekday for five years. My total post count now comes to over 1,300, but here are twenty of my hand-picked favorites to give you a sense of both the […]

Guardian Cities: Where Is the World’s Most High-Tech City?

Before long, Santiago could be a city full of electric vehicles charged by “smart” power grids, many of them driving on highways equipped with traffic-reducing automated variable toll pricing. Perhaps a new arrival to the Chilean capital would go for the chance to found a technology company, incentivised by programmes like the state-backed, foreigner-friendly Start-Up […]

Twenty favorite Open Culture posts, featuring Haruki Murakami, Bill Murray, Douglas Coupland, Chris Marker, Steely Dan, Nam June Paik, Los Angeles…

Every weekday I write a post at Open Culture, usually to do with literature, film, music, art, television, radio, or language. I’ve done over 1000 so far, but on this list (which I revise every so often) you’ll find a few of my favorites: All of Wes Anderson’s Cinematic Commercials: Watch His Spots for Prada, American Express, […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E33: Avoiding Disposability with Jacques Testard

Colin Marshall sits down in Knightsbridge, London with Jacques Testard, founding editor of the quarterly arts journal The White Review. They discuss the re-issue of Nairn’s Towns featuring past guest Owen Hatherley; London’s surprisingly small literary culture and what, before founding The White Review, he didn’t see getting published; the “deeply stereotypical Williamsburg existence” he once lived in […]

To go with my new writing space, my new career

From Donald Richie’s Japan Journals: Called a flâneur in print. Looked it up. “Witty, insouciant, man of the world.” Like that very much. Also, “not serious.” Like that even better. It is like being a dandy without having to pay tailoring bills. An element of pose and nothing, such as earnestness, to mar the effect. Also, […]

Hello, world!

You can find all my old posts (but why would you want to?) going back to 2008-ish on, and going back to 2002 on

Hi, I’m Colin Marshall

… a Seoul-based essayist, broadcaster, and public speaker on cities, language, and culture. You’ll find my essays here. I write for outlets including Guardian Cities, Open Culture, the Times Literary Supplement, the Los Angeles Review of Books (including its Korea Blog), KCET, Boom: A Journal of California (and guest-edited its issue on architecture, infrastructure, and the built environment), Bookforum, Boing Boing, Put This On, […]