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Hello 2012, goodbye Marketplace of Ideas

All good conversations, it seems, must come to an end. Late in 2010, I announced that, unless The Marketplace of Ideas reached 10,000 podcast subscribers by 2012, the show would come to an end. I regret to inform you that, in the choice between 10,000 or bust, we now have no choice to but to bust. While every Marketplace of Ideas conversation ever recorded should remain available for your downloading pleasure at and on iTunes, no more material will be released under that banner.

But don’t get too quick on the trigger about unsubscribing from whichever of the show’s feeds you subscribe to. Even now, something new inches its way over the horizon. You might keep any eye on this space to find out what. You might also pay attention to my recent guest appearances on other podcasts. By way of preparation, you might also re-listen to certain Marketplace of Ideas interviews: Momus (and Momus again), Michael Silverblatt, Pico Iyer, David Lida, Geoff Dyer, Merlin Mann (and Merlin Mann again), Jesse Thorn (and Jesse Thorn again, with Adam Lisagor), and Alan Nakagawa, to name an aesthetically, intellectually, and thematically appropriate few.

Further details to come. Until then, stay tuned and stay curious.


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