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Notebook on Cities and Culture S2, in Portland and San Francisco, Kickstarts next week

Thanks very much indeed, listeners, for a first season of Notebook on Cities and Culture that has exceeded all my expectations. And special thanks to those who backed the first season on Kickstarter; in a mathematically demonstrable way, you exceeded my expectations threefold. That drive raised enough to extend this season to 32 episodes, but since episode 31 comes out today, the time has come to prepare for season two.

I’ve set the fundraising goal for the exact same amount we raised for the first season: $3000. But I’m upping the ante, content-wise. The show’s very title tells you that it’s intended to be a notebook on cities and culture, and its journey outside Los Angeles (and, ultimately, all over the world) begins this coming season. I’ll take my gear up the west coast and record with the most fascinating cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene in San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. Interesting cities, so I understand, with a few interesting people between ’em. Let’s find out for sure.

The Notebook on Cities and Culture season two fund drive begins next week, on Wednesday, July 25. It’ll run for seven days. You’ll get the chance again to sponsor individual episodes or the whole season, plus a new top-tier donation option that might seem like a joke but I assure you is real. I’ll post a link to the Kickstarter page right here the moment it goes live. Tell all your most urbane, observational, conversationally inclined friends!

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