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Everything I’ve written about Blade Runner for Open Culture so far

If you interpret the question “What’s your favorite movie?” as “What movie have you seen the greatest number of times?”, then Blade Runner is my favorite movie. (Actually, Sans Soleil remains a contender there — but in any case, my favorite movie surely has something to do with Japan and the early 1980s.) And so I happen to have written a great deal about Blade Runner over my years at Open Culture, a site for whom the film has provided rich subject matter in general.

And so I give you all my Blade Runner-related Open Culture posts so far:

See also my “Los Angeles, the City in Cinema” video essay on Blade Runner, which has started up something of a side career talking about the movie here and there. Just recently, I also appeared on the USC Price School of Public Policy’s Bedrosian Book Club Podcast talking about its source material, Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I’ve also rounded up everything I’ve written about Haruki Murakami for Open Culture, and my favorite Open Culture posts so far.