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It’s the Final Day to Fund “Where Is the City of the Future?” — But Will This Urbanist-Travel-Cultural Journalistic Journey Happen?

Where is the city of the future? Unless we raise at least $860 today, we can’t even begin to find out. The final day of the funding period for this in-depth experiment in crowdfunded interactive urbanist-travel-cultural journalism across the Pacific Rim has come, and it all hangs in the balance. If you’ve already joined in but have friends who might want to get involved as well — friends who love cities, friends into travel on the Pacific Rim, friends who enjoy receiving postcards from exotic places (wherever they would consider “exotic,” from Sydney to Santiago to Seoul to Seattle), this is the time to bring them on over — specifically, to the project’s page on Byline, the new platform especially for crowdfunded journalism.

As I’ve previously mentioned, each $2000 “Where Is the City of the Future?” raises on Byline will produce one report, or long-form series of articles, on one particular Pacific Rim city that could serve as a model for the city of the future. We’ll begin with Los Angeles and Seoul, then move on, depending on the budget raised, to the other world cities of the Pacific Rim, in an order voted on by you, the supporters. And if you support the project at the top level, you can simply name the Pacific Rim city of your choice, and I’ll head over and do a report on it — after, of course, consulting you for your own thoughts on the place!

It goes without saying that “Where Is the City of the Future?” works best — indeed, works only — with the comparative aspect intact. You can’t really look for the city of the future among only one or two or three cities; you’ve got to cast a wider net, and this project intends to cast as wide a net as it can across the urban Pacific Rim. And so the bigger the budget we raise, the more interesting a reading (and viewing, and listening) experience the final product can become. Let’s make it as interesting as possible — in the urbanistic sense, the exploratory sense, the cultural sense, the culinary sense, the architectural sense, and all others besides — today. Thanks very much indeed, and I’ll see you over at Byline.