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This Friday: a free screening of Blade Runner in San Francisco, introduced by yours truly

FILM_FEST_POSTER.finalSan Francisco urbanist-cinephiles! This Friday at the second annual San Francisco Urban Film Festival, with its theme of going “beyond dystopia,” you can catch a free screening of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, whose vision of 2019 Los Angeles established our aesthetic vocabulary for urban dystopia — but how dystopian does it really look these days?

I’ll show up to give a talk about that and other questions before the screening, and do a Q&A with professor Pedro Lange-Churion afterward. You’ll find all the details (especially those about getting your free tickets) here. You can follow the San Francisco Urban Film Festival on Twitter @SFUrbanFilmFest. And if you like, have a look at my City in Cinema video on Blade Runner beforehand. Start thinking dystopian now, and I’ll see you in San Francisco.