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A Wrap-Up: Seoul Urbanism on TBS eFM’s Koreascape

Each month for the past two years I’ve joined Kurt Achin, host of Koreascape on Seoul’s English-language radio station TBS eFM, for an exploration of one of Seoul’s urban spaces. With the end of Koreascape this month comes the end of the Seoul urbanism segment, and so we look back at all we’ve covered over the past two years. We also ask what the future holds for some of our past destinations, from the 63 Building to Ikseon-dong to Seoullo 7017 to Sewoon Sangga, and what they say about the likely direction of the city itself. Have a listen and you’ll surely gather at least a few ideas for your own urbanistic journeys in Seoul to come.

You can hear our previous explorations of Seoul’s architecture, infrastructure, and other parts of the built environment here or download them on iTunes.