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Notebook on Cities and Culture S1E23: The Music Nerd Ghetto with Hollywood Steve Huey

Colin Marshall sits down in Barnsdall Art Park with Hollywood Steve Huey, writer and media personality, former critic at All Music Guide and host of the web series Yacht Rock. They discuss his introductions to the likes of Michael Jackson, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Barry Manilow; elements of his home state of Michigan, including Big Rapids (not to be confused with Grand Rapids), Ann Arbor, and the urban ruins and $5,000 mansions of Detroit; the All Music Guide’s shaping force on his musical consciousness; the lack of a genre equivalent to Yacht Rock today thanks to marketing departments’ lack of imagination; great works, like Nirvana’s Nevermind, that both found genres and dissolve them; life in the music nerd ghetto within the entertainment capital of the world at the time of bewildering musical (and cinematic and televisual) bounty; acquiring the name “Hollywood Steve” through a one-off gig on Pirates of the Caribbean; how he came to appreciate Barry Manilow, an artist known to some as a byword for bad music; and why guilty pleasures — whether musical ones in the case of Barry Manilow, or urban ones in the case of Los Angeles — are better enjoyed as regular pleasures.

Download the interview from Notebook on Cities and Culture’s feed here or on iTunes here.

(Photo: Sammy Primero)

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