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My recent ventures into the Korean and Korean-American media

Last month, the culture editor of the Korean daily paper 중앙일보 interviewed me, alongside a few other students of the language, about the origins of our interest in Korean culture. She then asked for our suggestions of how to popularize Korean music, films, and television in the United States, an entirely trickier question to answer. (I’ve sensed some anxiety before about the comparatively weak influence of the Korean Wave in America as opposed to in the rest of Asia.)

I mostly talked about Sangsoo Hong, as the article reveals:

I also appeared for a three-hour session on Mike Kim‘s Koreatown-based podcast, K-Town Tonight. You may remember my last sit-down on that show, when it aired on Radio Korea. This time, unbound by FCC restrictions, we get right down into it. Mike summarized the discussion thusly:

Guess what? We finally talk about K-Town… sort of. In this episode we are joined by Colin Marshall and Yuji, both former guests. Mr. Pizza, sweet potatoes, KBBQ in LA vs. Korea. Park’s BBQ.

Kyochon & OB Bear for wings. Sool-jib vs. Pocha. Café Jack and Mok Maru Jong. Indoor smoking in K-Town. Prince. Scent. Yellow House Café. Haus. See? Lots of K-Town shit. Koreatown! Tom n Toms. Hae Jang Chon’s lunch specials. Yu Ga Ne.

Keungama. Namsan Fusion Café. Mom’s House. Face soup. Guelaguetza. El Jalapeno. Honey Pig. Yelpers can suck a fat penis. “Golf Galbi-tang” at Chilbo Myunok. in Korea. Italian restaurants in Korea.

Mike reveals his technique to get rid of stalkers. Korean-Americans are obnoxious when they visit Korea. Tahoe Galbi now serves Brazilian BBQ. Oo-Kook. You & Me Cuisine. Conversation bar (or whatever they’re called)? Moss. Jeonju.

Curry Hyang. Thai food in K-Town. Mike had his 31st birthday party at Hae Ha Heng. Mr. Young’s. Filipino food in or near Koreatown. Spicy Chicken Joy at Jollibee. Lots of Koreans in the Philippines. Burgos St in Makati City. Inwangsan Hotel in Manila. Aristocrat restaurant in the Philippines. Mike recommends the pork spare ribs and garlic rice.

Kimchi chigae in K-Town? Dak Galbi in K-Town. Chuncheon. Trying to date as a fat ass. Prostitution in Korea, and what happened in September 2004. Paul Pot discussion. Japanese porn discussion. Review our show on iTunes. Mike’s friends are messing with the K-Town Tonight Facebook page. Some podcasting tips from Colin. End with JYP.

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