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Me 11 Points Countdown: how to stop worrying and love high gas prices


Above, please enjoy my appearance on the new 11 Points Countdown video. Host Sam Greenspan puts me, “podcasting superstar Colin Marshall,” in the hot seat for eight minutes to discuss the audience-voted good things about high gas prices. As a carless Angeleno, a cycling enthusiast, and an all-around fan of “multimodal transportation,” I found this topic almost spookily suitable. And speaking of, I am not actually wearing a suit, though some viewers seem to assume that. Other viewers are calling me “Niles Crane.” Tell me who that is and why they’re calling me that. I wonder if this Niles Crane is someone who drinks a full glass of Boddington’s at ten in the morning and doesn’t feel the thin end of a bad wedge. If so, how incisive!

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