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Category Archives: Podthoughts

Podthoughts: Talk to Me in Korean

Vital stats: Format: lessons in the Korean language, Q&A segments, photographic vocabulary sets, explanations of how to say and how specifically not to say certain things, lessons on Korea’s many dialects, interviews, casual conversations, and even English-language discussions of Korean life Episode duration: 1-25m Frequency: weekly regular grammar lessons, with all that other material interspersed […]

Podthoughts: The Titanium Physicists

Vital stats: Format: topics in physics explained by physicists, to web comic artists and podcasters Episode duration: 30m-1h20m Frequency: one or two per month The science podcast The Titanium Physicists [RSS] [iTunes], it may not surprise you to hear, sometimes references the web comic xkcd. The enterprises share not only a sensibility, catering to the now-proud “geek” culture, […]

Podthoughts: The Roth Show

Vital stats: Format: David Lee Roth’s “social-studies lectures by way of rock ‘n’ roll Babylon, at carnival-barker cadence” Episode duration: 20-50m Frequency: biweekly, with hiatuses I found out about The Roth Show [RSS] [iTunes] from an in-depth profile of its host, yes, former and current Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth. The article, Steve Kandell’s “David […]

Podthoughts: DVDASA

Vital stats: Format: one-, two-, three-hour conversations presided over by a painter and a pornstar Episode duration: 1-3h Frequency: twice weekly, at least I started downloading DVDASA [RSS] [iTunes] knowing only that it involved a pornstar — and I didn’t even know the pornstar. Not to say that a known pornstar would have held out much promise; […]

Podthoughts: Dear HK

Vital stats: Format: talk about Hong Kong, but mostly talk in Hong Kong, from two chatting 23-year-old friendst Episode duration: 30m-1h Frequency: weekly, but with gaps I read quite a bit about Hong Kong, not because I have any business there, nor because my fascinations in Asia incline that way (I’ve invested more in Japan, […]

Podthoughts: You Can’t Eat the Sunshine

Vital stats: Format: comments on Los Angeles and the changes therein, followed by interviews with those tied to the region’s past Episode duration: 1h-1h30m Frequency: weekly I’ve never taken a trip with Esotouric, which offers “provocative and complex, but never dry” bus bus tours of greater Los Angeles which mix “crime and social history, rock and […]

Podthoughts: Curious City

Vital stats: Format: questions about Chicago history, culture, and infrastructure, investigated Episode duration: 9-23m Frequency: weekly “Not so long ago Chicagoans were convinced that their city would soon be the greatest and most famous on Earth, outranking New York, London, and Paris, the centre of a new world, the boss city of the universe,” writes […]

Podthoughts: Follow Your Ears

Vital stats: Format: various segments, mostly interviews, on subjects like guns, cycles, rebels, and unemployment Episode duration: ~1h Frequency: monthly Nearly a decade into the medium’s existence, quitting one’s first podcast and starting a second continues to produce intriguing results. It did for Caleb Bacon, whose The Gentlemen’s Club gave way to Man School. I like to think […]

Podthoughts: By the Way, in Conversation with Jeff Garlin

Vital stats: Format: Jeff Garlin talking before a live audience with people he respects and/or people who interest him Episode duration: 1-2h Frequency: 2-3 per month I suppose we must live in the Age of Conversation. Podcasts gave me that impression, and podcasts — the ones I listen to, at least — have given me […]

Podthoughts: Man School

Vital stats: Format: conversation’s about the man’s life with men who’ve lived it (including quite a few entertainers, comedians especially) Episode duration: 30m-1h Frequency: weekly, plus shorter supplements What, exactly, happened to my generation? We got off to a promising start, but at some point in the past few years took a hard look in […]