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Diary: This American Road, Sunnyvale

We took a different route down from Eugene so we could continue stopping in different cities than we had on the way up. But given the total time we’d blocked out for the road trip, this meant we had to take the stretch from Eugene to Sunnyvale, the site of our next overnight stay, in one […]

Diary: This American Road, Eugene

We rolled into Eugene without knowing anything about it but that a friend who lives near Seattle loves the place — “God’s country,” he calls it. It certainly has one up on Seattle at the moment in terms of not having been recently roughed up by a storm. But much about Oregon’s third city has begun to […]

Diary: This American/Canadian Road, Vancouver

Oregon had offered us weather pleasant enough to go out on the deck (or whatever our Airbnb of the night had in the way of an outdoor area) and catch up on work, sometimes with a bottle of wine. Seattle, not so much. We even crossed the Washington border under clear skies — or as […]

Diary: This American Road, Portland

As a wise friend once told me, “Powell’s is what Portland is for.” Since I seem to come to Portland about once a year these days, I’ve found plenty of other purposes for the city — to provide pods and pods of food carts, for instance — but that proposition holds basically true: no trip to Portland, whether […]

Diary: This American Road, Ashland

One pro of a west coast road trip: you get interesting cities and towns spread out the whole way across it. One con of a west coast road trip: not many of those come between the San Francisco Bay Area and the middle of Oregon. This dearth of civilization becomes especially pronounced in the proposed State of Jefferson […]

Diary: This American Road, Alameda

Last year I wrote up a meeting of Bay Area mayors for the Guardian, held because the Rockefeller Foundation had named San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and Alameda part of their “100 Resilient Cities” program. The mayors of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley all turned up (all dressed very much as local politicians do), but I […]

Diary: A Tourist in Los Angeles

“So you really feel like you’re ready to leave Los Angeles?” asked a friend whom I told about my upcoming move to Korea. Because I said I didn’t consider it “leaving,” I then had to trot out the same vague plan that’s seen so much trotting out in recent months: the ultimate idea involves going back […]

일기: 스텀프타운과 데미따스

샌프란시스코에서 온 블루 버틀 커피는 메트로 역에서 많이 먼데 포틀랜드에서 온 스텀프타운 커피 로스터는 더 멀다. 그래도 나한테는 걸어 갈 만하다. 이유는 몇 개 있다. 처음 갔을 때는 마셔 보고 싶은 게 있었다. 나는 포틀랜드에 여행갈 때마다 꼭 스텀프타운에 커피를 마시러 갔기 때문에 스텀프타운의 맛에 익숙했다. 그런데 스텀프타운은 로스앤젤레스의 아트 디스트릭트에 지점을 연 후에 새로운 […]

Diary: Sacramento

I’ve passed through Sacramento fairly often, but only last weekend did I get a chance to really explore the city — by which, of course, I mean explore the city by bicycle. I’d had my suspicions that its flat, orderly downtown would prove highly bikeable, as indeed it did.  And since I rode around on a […]

Diary: Luminaries of Korean literature come to town

I had the chance last week to interview Bae Suah and Cheon Myeong-kwan, two well-known Korean writers, when they came to Los Angeles under the auspices of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea to make an appearance at UCLA. Not one to miss a podcasting opportunity, I packed up my recorder and rode over to where they […]