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The Marketplace of Ideas: into sound, food, performance, Japan, and the world city with Alan Nakagawa

This week on The Marketplace of Ideas, I talk to Alan Nakagawa; sound artist; visual artist; installation artist; founding member of Los Angeles’ long-running, multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic, soon-to-be-dissolved arts collective Collage Ensemble; director of the experimental music Ear Meal webcast; L.A. Metro public art executive; member of Otonomiyaki, the Southern California Soundscape Ensemble and Ear Diorama Ear; and very serious eater indeed.

Soon after moving the center of Marketplace of Ideas production to Los Angeles, I realized that the here-based Alan Nakagawa pretty much embodied the show’s evolving sensibility. Trained in both the United States and Japan and experienced in collaborations with fellow creators from all over the globe, he works in the territory where sonics meet aesthetics meet the built, social, and artistic worlds around us. In our conversation, we cover what’s most interesting to listen to in this city, how a three-year-old found drawing behind the couch goes on to diversify into as many different art forms as possible in as unified a way as possible, how best to move between the countless separate cultural spheres that a metropolis like L.A. comprises, and what it actually means for an artist to experiment — and to offer that experimentation to the outside world.

Download the conversation on iTunes here or on the web site here.

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