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Watch Observer, my previous short


I give you Observer, the short film I shot in the summer of 2010, now unlocked for your viewing pleasure. It stayed under password-protected wraps for a while there due to the rules of the various film festivals I submitted it to. Now that I’ve fallen into absolute confusion about the very purpose of the short-film festival circuit, I figured I might as well make the thing available to everyone. Seems like a more efficient way to attract informative feedback and interesting collaborators.

For months now, I’ve been working on my next short, a Borges-inspired story called א about, yes, a point that contains all points. It’s taking so long because I’m shooting it all on Super 8 — don’t ask me why, but I like the look, and the limitations of the format make me work in a psychologically different way — and mostly in Santa Barbara, so each shooting day means a mini-road trip.


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