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Category Archives: Santa Barbara

Jarrett Walker: Human Transit

Adam Cadre describes writing urban characters as a process of tapping into the part of his own personality formed by growing up “stranded in a blotch of Orange County where lacking a driver’s license was tantamount to quadriplegia.” Despite growing up 1200 miles north, in an eastern suburb of Seattle, I can relate! The first […]

Watch Observer, my previous short

  I give you Observer, the short film I shot in the summer of 2010, now unlocked for your viewing pleasure. It stayed under password-protected wraps for a while there due to the rules of the various film festivals I submitted it to. Now that I’ve fallen into absolute confusion about the very purpose of […]

Today’s young American aesthetic zeitgeist

Weirdly, I didn’t start drinking coffee until about age 25. I spent my life up to that point in thrall to the fear of turning into either a coffee snob or a coffee masochist; I figured just one sip could trigger the transformation. We’ve all witnessed the ugly spectacle of coffee snobbery — I suspect […]