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And Notebook on Cities and Culture’s next destination is…

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Over its past five seasons, Notebook on Cities and Culture has taken you to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, Osaka, Kyoto (see the show’s guide to Japan), Seoul, and Busan (see the just-completed Korea Tour), to name only a few extremely interesting Pacific Rim cities. Next season, the show has another one in its sights for its most in-depth exploration yet: A Year in Seattle.

Just think of that name, and you think of the city of rain, the city of grunge, the city of Microsoft and Amazon, the city of the Space Needle, the city of Buddy Bradley, the city of Archie McPhee, the city of sleeplessness — the city of Starbucks. But having spent my own adolescence hanging out there, I know Seattle as even more than that, and it’s only grown more interesting since I’ve grown up.

So it’s time to explore, the Notebook on Cities and Culture way — through a year of in-depth conversations with Seattle’s novelists, journalists, comic artists, filmmakers, broadcasters, explorers, academics, architects, planners, cultural creators, internationalists, observers of the urban scene, and more. We’ll Kickstart the season as usual a little later this week. I certainly won’t delay in letting you know when!