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An English interview about my new Korean podcast on Busan eFM

You may have noticed that I’ve started a new podcast in Korean. Called 콜린의 한국, or Colin’s Korea, it follows very much in the vein of my previous English-language podcast Notebook on Cities and Culture and its public-radio predecessor The Marketplace of Ideas. Each week I sit down somewhere in Seoul (and probably other cities in the future) for about an hour of conversation with a different guest, either a Korean or a Korean-speaking foreigner. We talk about the work they do, the place they do it in, and the various subjects to which those lead.

Korean-speakers can subscribe to 콜린의 한국 on iTunes, and if you want to know more about the project, have a listen to this fifteen-minute interview of me about it on Busan eFM 90.5, conducted by past Notebook on Cities and Culture guest Chance Dorland. We get into why I started it, who I’ve talked to so far, what I intend to accomplish with it, and whether I’ve incurred any harshness for being a non-fluent American getting into the Korean-language interviewing game: