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My Interview on the Blunt Report Podcast: Korean Desires, Happiness, and a Frog in a Well

A few months ago, Konner Blunt came to Korea to record a few episodes of his interview podcast The Blunt Report, which “exists today to create interest and intrigue in the world around us.” You might remember me doing something similar with Notebook on Cities and Culture‘s Korea Tour, and now that I live in Korea myself, I seem to have gone from interviewer to interviewee.

You can hear “Desires, Happiness, and a Frog in a Well,” my 80-minute conversation with Konner about life in Korea, learning the Korean language, the task of observing and interpreting Korean society and culture, what one learns about one’s homeland when living abroad rather than just traveling, and much else besides at The Blunt Report‘s web site, on iTunes, or on Youtube.