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Read the Issue of Boom: a Journal of California I Guest-Edited Free Online

Boom: A Journal of California has completed the online roll-out of “Re-coding California,” their spring 2016 on architecture, planning, and the built environment that I guest-edited (and which contains my essay “Our Car Culture Is Not a Problem; Our House Culture Is”). You can read it all at the issue’s page on Boom‘s site, or you can follow the links to individual piece below. Since many of the contributors have appeared as guests on Notebook on Cities and Culture, I’ve also included links to their interviews alongside those to their pieces:

From the Editor’s Desktop | Jon Christensen [interview]

The Boom List | Boom Staff

The California Code | Keith Schneider

Experiments in Re-Encoding Environment | Anthea M. Hartig

Re-Coding Planning | Mark Hogan

The Boom Interview | Christopher Hawthorne [interview]

Take the Parkway to the Freeway to the Automated Roadway | Nate Berg

Beyond Peak Juice Bar | Alissa Walker [interview]

Our Car Culture Is Not a Problem | Colin Marshall

Radical Remodeling | Wendy Gilmartin

Reprogramming Blank Spaces in the City | Carren Jao [interview]

Margins in the Middle | Eric Brightwell [interview]

Latino Urbanism | David Butow

Come See California’s Future | Aris Janigian

The Code of the Desert | Geoff Nicholson [interview]

Imperial Landscapes | Noé Montes [interview]

Old Border | Jim Benning [interview]

Let There Be a Firmament in the Midst of the Waters | Brock Winstead

Best of all, the online edition includes “My Boulevards,” a brand new essay from architect Doug Suisman, author of Los Angeles Boulevard: Eight X-Rays of the Body Public, my Notebook on Cities and Culture interview with whom you can download here.