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Monocle magazine interviews me about misunderstood Los Angeles

You may remember my Podthought on Monocle magazine’s podcast The Urbanist. For their most recent episode on hometowns, they invited me on for a conversation about Los Angeles, my “adopted hometown,” with Monocle‘s editor Andrew Tuck. We talk about why Los Angeles doesn’t tend to rank on livability charts, why Europeans have trouble interfacing with the […]

Me interviewed, and Notebook reviewed, on Podcast Squared

Andrew Johnstone of Podcast Squared — a podcast of podcasts, you see — recently had me on his show for an expansive conversation about the craft. (The “podcraft”?) On another episode, he also took the time to review Notebook on Cities and Culture. Thanks very much indeed, Andrew, and listeners, if ever you feel like disseminating […]

My U.S. landmark takedown on 11 Points Countdown

  Above you’ll find my triumphant return to Sam Greenspan’s 11 Points Countdown. This time, he sat me down for a morning Boddington’s-in-hand discussion of the United States’ eleven most overrated landmarks, as voted by his viewership. He’d been to all of them; I’d been to none of them but, bizarrely, EPCOT Center. Had we […]

Me 11 Points Countdown: how to stop worrying and love high gas prices

  Above, please enjoy my appearance on the new 11 Points Countdown video. Host Sam Greenspan puts me, “podcasting superstar Colin Marshall,” in the hot seat for eight minutes to discuss the audience-voted good things about high gas prices. As a carless Angeleno, a cycling enthusiast, and an all-around fan of “multimodal transportation,” I found this […]

I take on A Clockwork Orange on The Auteurcast

Rudie Obias and West Anthony invited me on their podcast The Auteurcast, a show which picks out fascinating directors and discusses all their films one-by-one. I joined them during a Stanley Kubrick cycle. They would have had no way of knowing this — except due to sheer film-geek likelihood — but Kubrick counts among the […]

My recent ventures into the Korean and Korean-American media

Last month, the culture editor of the Korean daily paper 중앙일보 interviewed me, alongside a few other students of the language, about the origins of our interest in Korean culture. She then asked for our suggestions of how to popularize Korean music, films, and television in the United States, an entirely trickier question to answer. […]

Me on Battleship Pretension: a three-hour course on the nineties’ “Indiewood” movement

The latest episode of the film podcast Battleship Pretension [RSS, iTunes] features yours truly on the third mic, discussing the history of the “Indiewood” movement in the United States. If you’ve personally experienced any important chapter in the history of American independent film, you’ve experienced this one: it saw the combined forces of the Sundance […]

Hear me on The Criterioncast, Radio Korea, and G.I.O. Get It On

I appeared on the latest episode of The Criterioncast, the podcast dedicated to discussing the classic and contemporary films issued on video by The Criterion Collection, to talk about Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. When the show’s host Ryan Gallagher offered me the chance to return to the show — […]