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Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Year in Seattle Kickstarts Now!

As I announced last weekNotebook on Cities and Culture‘s sixth season will take place in Seattle — for an entire year. As we together explore the city of grunge, Microsoft, Amazon, the Space Needle, Buddy Bradley, Archie McPhee, sleeplessness, and Starbucks, we’ll discover how much there really is to it in at least 52 in-depth conversations with its novelists, journalists, comic artists, filmmakers, broadcasters, explorers, academics, architects, planners, cultural creators, internationalists, observers of the urban scene, and more.

The Kickstarter drive to make it all happen begins now. But wait: the season could easily bring you more than 52 episodes, depending on how the Kickstarting goes. Once we raise the full $6000 budget, the show will go on as planned. And for every $200 we raise over that $6000, the season will include an additional episode. In other words, if we raise $10,000 rather than $6000, you’ll get 72 Seattle interviews rather than 52.

Depending upon the amount you pledge to back Notebook on Cities and Culture‘s year in Seattle, you could get a mention at the end of each episode, you could get postcards from the city, you could get me talking about your project or message at the top of one episode and its associated post, or you could get me talking about your project or message at the top of all of them and their associated posts. But do note that we only have five days to raise the money, since nobody likes prolonged Kickstarting.

Before the drive ends on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, I’ll put up a special preview episode featuring a new interview with a favorite Seattle-based guest from whom, if you’ve followed my interviewing career for a long time indeed, you’ve heard a couple provocative and funny hours of conversation before. Stay tuned, and pledge at season six’s Kickstarter page if you feel so inclined. Thanks!