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Guardian Cities: Subway-station toilets, the true measure of a city

The size of the economy, the quality of the architecture, the activity on the sidewalks, the cleanliness of the streets: we can evaluate a city in any number of ways. But in my travels through North America, Europe and Asia, I’ve found no more telling indicator – and at times, no more important one – […]

Guardian Cities: The Malls and Jeepneys of Manila

When asked for recommendations about their city, Manileños have the irksome habit of insisting that “There’s nothing to do in Manila,” or that “It’s just buildings,” and directing you instead to the nearest beach. But knowing that a city of Manila’s size and vitality is interesting by definition, if you press them, they will usually admit […]

Spencer Crump: Ride the Big Red Cars

We used to have the greatest public transportation system in the world, so goes the oft-told Los Angeles lore. Then, a shady consortium, their own strings pulled by automakers and road-builders, bought all the trains and the tracks just to rip them out and scrap them. I don’t know about that; I sense a few […]

Jarrett Walker: Human Transit

Adam Cadre describes writing urban characters as a process of tapping into the part of his own personality formed by growing up “stranded in a blotch of Orange County where lacking a driver’s license was tantamount to quadriplegia.” Despite growing up 1200 miles north, in an eastern suburb of Seattle, I can relate! The first […]