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Category Archives: Notebook on Cities and Culture

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Shapeshifter with Stephane Mot

In Seoul’s Sinchon district, Colin talks with Stephane Mot, “conceptor,” writer of fiction, nonfiction, “nonsense,” and author of the blog Seoul Village as well as the collection Dragedies. They discuss Paris as a “recurring hero” of literature and Seoul as a “shapeshifter” glimpsed from different angles in different stories; how he got involved in the early days of […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: The Jokes Come Last with Darcy Paquet

In Seoul’s Garosu-gil, Colin talks with Darcy Paquet, critic of Korean film, founder of and the Wildflower Film Awards, author of New Korean Cinema: Breaking the Waves, teacher, and occasional actor. They discuss why movies have a hard time capturing Seoul; the unusual way the Park brothers’ Bitter, Sweet, Seoul captures the city; how Cold Eyes relocated a Hong Kong story […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Stickers, Starcraft, Success with Danny Crichton

In Seoul’s Sinchon district, Colin talks with Danny Crichton, researcher and writer on regional innovation hubs and a contributing writer for TechCrunch. They discuss the hardest thing about being a Korean entrepreneur; what the concentration of Seoul has facilitated about Korean innovation; how he got from an interest in China “because it’s China” to a more fully […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Wormholing with Charlie Usher

Not far from Seoul’s Anam station, Colin talks to Charlie Usher, author of the blog Seoul Sub→urban and the book 찰리와 리즈의 서울 지하철 여행기 (Charlie and Liz’s Seoul Subway Travelogue). They discuss the first subway stations his life in Korea revolved around; the identity of Liz, the photographer in Charlie and Liz; what makes the Seoul subway system the […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Literary Aejeong with Gregory Limpens

Above Seoul’s Itaewon district, Colin talks with Open Books acquiring editor Gregory Limpens. They discuss what kind of foreign literature Koreans like to read, and their loyalty to authors they’ve already enjoyed; how the mission of Open Books fits into shaping that taste; how he got from growing up in Belgium to bringing foreign literature […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Itaewon Freedom with Stephen Revere

In Seoul’s Itaewon District, Colin talks with Stephen Revere, CEO of 10 Media (producer of Chip’s Maps), co-founder and managing editor of 10 Magazine, author of two Survival Korean books, and for three years the teacher on Arirang television’s Let’s Speak Korean. The Seoul in which he arrived, and which amazed him, in 1995; how quickly he decided to master the […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Watch the Man, Not the Light with Michael Breen

In Seoul’s Insadong district, Colin talks with Michael Breen, author of The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies as well as other books on Kim Jong-il and Sun Myung Moon as well as founder and CEO of Insight Communications Consultants. They discuss what you can infer about Korean society from the way Koreans drive versus […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Plenty to Offer with Adrien Lee

In Seoul’s Arirang building, Colin talks with Adrien Lee, host of Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea and Arirang radio’s Catch the Wave. They discuss how he first reacted to the sight of all the branches of Paris Baguette, Tout les Jours, and Ciel de France in Seoul; how he got from industrial engineering studies in France to television and […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Men, Women, and Society Behaving Badly with Marc Raymond

On a rainy day in Seoul’s Garosu-gil, Colin Marshall talks with Marc Raymond, film scholar, teacher at Kangwoon University, and author of Hollywood’s New Yorker: The Making of Martin Scorsese. They discuss how much you can learn about Korean life from Hong Sangsoo movies; what Hong has in common with Martin Scorsese; how the two directors relate differently to […]

Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Korea Tour: Out of Excuses with Mipa Lee

In Seoul’s Gangnam district, Colin Marshall speaks with Mipa Lee, proprietor of Itaewon’s vegan cafe and bake shop and café PLANT and author of the blog Alien’s Day Out. They discuss the unlikely country in which she became vegan; her journey from Korea to England to Africa to the United States and back to Korea again; […]